Drugs and Alcohol

Drug and alcohol abuse are serious problems in our society. This blog aims at educating you about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and how you can help yourself.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Prescription Drug Information

People in our country are more educated now about their medications than ever. Drug manufacturers as well as other companies recognize the need to educate consumers, and readily provide a vast amount of information to them through drug company representatives, physicians, nurses, pharmacies, other healthcare providers, and through various prescription drug information publications. Consumers are encouraged to know about the prescription drugs they are taking, to seek information, and to ask questions whenever they arise. Many people assume that just because their doctor wants them to take a certain prescription drug, that there are no questions asked because the doctor knows best. This is simply not the case anymore. Patients should be well educated regarding the treatments chosen for them, and not all physicians act in the best interest of their patients, though this is not usually the case, it does happen. Patients need to advocate for themselves and for their loved ones who cannot to ensure that they receive the treatment that is the best for them.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Drug Treatment

Drug addictions and alcoholism afflict millions of people around the world, costing hundreds of thousands of lives annually in the United States alone. While it’s the abuse of controlled substances like cocaine, heroine, prescription sedatives and painkillers, marijuana, and amphetamines that gets the most attention in the media, it is the legal drugs, alcohol and nicotine, that are the most widely abused. Addictions and abuse of the legal drugs alone cause over 400,000 deaths every year in the United States. While the numbers of deaths caused by controlled drugs are much lower, addiction to these chemicals is often even more dangerous, depending on the chemical. Drug treatment is highly recommended for anyone having problems associated with substance use.

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